Gold/Silver Signal Add’l Strength;

Gold/Silver Signal Add’l Strength;
Aug. 10/11 Highs Hold for 2 Weeks…
…But Project New Highs to Come.


08/26/17 Weekly Re-Lay:


Gold & Silver remain positive, fulfilling weekly & monthly cycles…From a price perspective, Gold & Silver could still spike as high as [reserved for subscribers].  That is reinforced by the coming week’s resistance levels & Raw SPRs…

At the very least, that could trigger a subsequent intermediate low around Sept. 11th (+ or – 1–2 trading days).

The XAU remains in congestion as it is fulfilling analysis for a test of 86.68 – 87.04/XAU by/on Aug. 25 or 28 – 1 month (30 degrees) from its July 26/27 high.

Based on the daily trend pattern, the ideal scenario would still be to see a brief spike back to or above [reserved for subscribers]…The next intermediate cycle low appears around Sept. 11th, the latest phase of a 60-degree/2-month low-low-low-(low) Cycle Progression.  That is reinforced by the next phase of a 19-week high-low-low-(low) Cycle Progression coming back into play on Sept. 11 – 15.”


Gold & Silver consolidated below Aug. 10/11 highs for two weeks – but have not reversed daily trends.  Recent action has signaled an extension to the latest advance that could spike up to more significant levels.  Focus is now turning to days surrounding Sept. 8/11 as part of a developing new surge in 3Q/4Q 2017 – See ‘A New Golden Age’ for 2017 outlook. (

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional analysis and/or trading strategies.