Hogs Fulfilling 40-Year Cycle

Hogs Fulfilling 40-Year Cycle
March ’15 Low & May ’15 High Likely.

02/26/15 INSIIDE Track: “Lean Hogs continue to decline after precisely fulfilling weekly, monthly & multi-year projections for a Major peak in July 2014.  A 6-year low–high–high, a 3-year high–high–high AND a 1-year high (Aug. 2011)–high (July 2012)–high (Jul./Aug. 2013)–high Cycle Progression all converged in July/August 2014 – when a peak was expected – and Hogs peaked in mid-July 2014… right on schedule. 

That was projected to prompt an overall drop into March 2015 that continues to unfold on cue, and has just reached its primary downside objective at 65.50–70.50/LH – support that includes the lows of 2010 & 2012 as well as a 50% drop in value (from the 133.80/LH peak).  A final spike low is still probable in March 2015… before a few months of consolidation are likely.”

July/Aug. 2014 Cycle High Fulfilled Perfectly

Drop into March 2015 Nearly Fulfilled