Impending Gold & Silver Low

Gold & Silver Setting Stage for Dec. 1st or 2nd Bottom;
Daily Trend Pattern Signal is Key!
Extended Rally Expected… Before Next Leg Down.

11/29/14 Weekly Re-Lay: “Stock Indices are vacillating near their highs as they fulfill multi-month, multi-year & multi-decade cycles that have projected a culminating surge into 4Q 2014 with a peak that was expected along with the greatest synergy of monthly & weekly cycles – in Nov. 2014.

The past week saw some renewed divergence with the Nasdaq 100 rallying into week’s end as the Russell 2000 & NYSEsold off.  That has initially fulfilled – in those Indices – a 6-week high (July 24th)–high (Sept. 3rd/4th)–low (Oct. 15/16)–high (Nov. 24–28thCycle Sequence

Gold & Silver dropped sharply after Gold peaked in line with weekly resistance while peaking just shy of monthlyresistance – on Nov. 21st…Now that Gold & Silver have dropped, the next 1-2 days are critical…the next two days are the prime time for another intermediate low.

In addition, the daily 21 MARCs will be plummeting over the course of the next two days.  Since that drop will take them below current levels in Gold, it has the potential to turn into a bullish factor after the next two days.

If Gold & Silver can bottom on Monday, there would be multiple reasons why a subsequent rally could last into… [Any reactions to the Swiss referendum should also be short-lived.]

Gold & Silver have pulled back, setting up the coming days as being decisive.  The daily trend pinpoints Dec. 1st & 2ndas the optimum time for a low while the daily 21 MAC and intra-month trend pattern pinpoint Dec. 3rd & 4th as the ideal time for a new rally to commence.”


Gold & Silver Confirming Multi-Month Lows;

Next Phases in MarchJuly & Nov. ‘15.

1030–1045/GC Remains 2nd, 3–5 Year Downside Objective.