Major Peak in Stock Indices Nearing

9/13/14 Weekly Re-Lay:  Stock Indices have turned neutral…There are a few factors that indicate this could be a larger decline taking hold (Monday’saction should clarify).  The first has to do with both the DJIA & NYSE Index rallying right to their July peaks and failing to close above them.  For all intents and purposes, they both set very precise double tops.

With the intra-month trends turning down, it projects a drop into (at least) Sept. 15th…showing a bit more weakness.

And then there is that ubiquitous, 8–9 week cycle – most prominent in the NYSE – that timed the early-Sept. high (9 weeks after its early-July high). Since its late-Oct. 2013 intervening high, the NYSE has set subsequent peaks every 8–9 weeks (an approximate ~60-degree or 2-month cycle).  The two phases before Oct. timed its late-June & late-August 2013 lows.

…Stock Indices are at an important crossroads with the DJIA, S+P & NQ capable of turning their daily trends down…The NYSE turned its daily trend down on Sept. 8th, exhibiting a slightly different structure. [see 9/13/14 Weekly Re-Lay for complete details on what this action could mean in the context of ongoing expectations for a Major peak in Stock Indices in late-2014].