Middle East Cycles Focus on 2018 – 2021

Middle East Cycles Focus on 2018 – 2021.
Israel/Jerusalem Cycles in late-2017.
Seismic Shift Approaching!


Jan. 2017 INSIIDE TrackOutlook 2017-2018 — Middle East Back in Focus

            01-03-17 – One of the reasons my focus has remained on 2017 has to do with the uncanny cycles governing events in Israel & the Middle East.  In the early- & mid-2000’s, I described these cycles in the context of an initial spike in 2007/2008, intensification into 2010/2011 and then a greater shift in 2017/2018 (extending into the 2020’s).

I am reviewing many of the more salient cycles that have been described over the past 1–2 decades… all of which were expected to reach a momentous tipping point in 2017–2018.

These cycles all focus on the Middle East.

Almost all of them focus on Israel or Judaism.

And many of these cycles focus specifically on Jerusalem.

As a result, expectations have been for dramatic events in the Middle East, probably in Israel & possibly Jerusalem… in 2017/2018.

These cycles include an uncanny 8–9 Year Cycle of Israeli Wars and all of the following events:

17-Year Cycle from 2000 Intifada.

25-Year Cycle Progression from Six Days War (recapture of E. Jerusalem in 1967) to Jerusalem Covenant (1992) to Jerusalem??? (2017).

40-Year Cycle from 1897/1898 (First Zionist Congress) to 1937/1938 (Holocaust; began with stamping of ‘J’ on passports, first introduction of ‘Final Solution’ and opening of Buchenwald Concentration Camp) to 1977/1978 (Camp David Accord, Israel/Lebanon, Iran/Islamic Revolution – leading into/through 1979) to 2017/2018.

50 Year Cycle (Jubilee, Sabbath’s Sabbath) from Six Days War (1967), as well as from events of 1917 & 1517 – when Jerusalem was liberated & previously conquered.  This cycle dates back to 67(–70) AD – when Jews revolted against Rome & Jerusalem was sacked – and also includes 1867, when the Austria-Hungary Empire was formed & Jews received full rights.  That ‘Empire’ only lasted 1 50-Year Cycle but had a Major impact on WWI (and WWII).

60-Year Cycle from Economic Council of the Arab League agreement in 1957.

70-Year Cycle from UN Resolution 181 (Partition Plan for Palestine) & Israeli independence & statehood (1947/1948; which was 70-Year Cycle from First Aliyah & Jewish settlements in Palestine in 1877/78).  2017 is 70 years – the ‘Cycle of Kings’  and of reigning – from the ‘Special International Regime’ for Jerusalem, laid out in UN 181.

100 years from liberation of Jerusalem (1917).

180 years from British involvement with Jerusalem (1837–1942; consulate, first diplomatic appt., plan for Jewish restoration; political Zionism).

500 years from Ottoman conquering of Jerusalem (1517).

1,000 years from founding of Druze religion (1017) – one of the primary religions in the Levant (ISIL – also known as ISIS – takes its name from ‘Islamic State in the Levant’)… an intriguing almalgamation of Christianity, Judaism & Ismailism (branch of Shia Islam) – originally derived from Islam.

2017–2019 (–2021) is the recurrence of an uncanny 100-Year & 500-Year Cycle that is very religious and usually incorporates Europe & the Vatican with events in the Middle East.  It also times watershed events in Protestanism since 1517.

These 100-Year & 500-Year Cycles date back to at least 517–519 (resolution of Acacian Schism – between Greek & Roman church) & 1017 (Druze).

They then include 1217–1220 (Pope Honorious seeking to recover Holy Land), 1417 (resolution of Great Schism) & 1517 (Luther’s 95 Theses in ‘protest’ against Vatican Indulgences) – at which time parallel events begin to unfold on a 100-year basis.

In 1617, Ferdinand II sought to restore Catholicism as only religion in Roman Empire (triggering Thirty Years War in 1618) & in 1717 the Freemasons emerged (descendants of Knights of Templar – guardians of Jerusalem & Holy Land) in London.  In 1817, the Evangelical Church began in Prussia/Germany (a union of Lutherans & Calvinists that dated back to their split in 1617).

The 1917 liberation of Jerusalem (the 1917 Balfour Declaration sought to establish in Palestine a national home for the Jews) – and subsequent carving up of the Middle East – was another dramatic event centered on that region.

And, here comes 2017!

As much as modern-day Western society, politics & media want to ignore or downplay the role of religion in politics, a starkly different reality continues to govern the entire Middle East.  Just look at Iran in 1977–1979 (and to the present).  So, we can ignore the lessons of history and be doomed to repeat them… or we can view them objectively & try to learn from them.

While Western thought is pacified by a variation of the ‘song of the siren’ (indulging in deceptive & unrealistic illusions of hope), realists are forced to open their eyes to painful truths that ‘concern our temporal salvation’ (existence) – to recognize & acknowledge the worst and to provide for it.  (‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’ – Patrick Henry)

In addition to this precise 100-Year Cycle, the 70-Year Cycle (of Kings) is equally focused on 2017/2018.

In 2014, INSIIDE Track published a series of 70-Year Cycle articles (see pgs. 4–5) – reinforcing the intense focus on 2017/2018 – a full 70-Year Cycle from the numerous global-shaping & changing events of 1948 (not just the Middle East).

And, 2017/2018 was projected to be the next pinnacle in a 7-Year Cycle that last timed the Arab Spring events of 2010/2011.

Just as the events of 2010/2011 suddenly accelerated to a fevered pitch – and ultimately left a dramatically-altered Middle East in their wake – 2017/2018 has long been projected to produce the same… but on a larger degree.

So, how is 2017 poised to begin?  With the passing of a UN Resolution condemning Israel for settlements, a sharp split between the US & Israel, and the reactionary response of Israel toward multiple countries involved in supporting this Resolution.

Could cycles really be that precise?  We are about to find out.  Considering that so many seemingly unrelated cycles (Russia, China, Europe, Stock Market, Dollar, American Attacks, etc.) all collide in 2017, it begs the question: Will any/many of them be related to one another?



8-9 Year Cycle of Israeli Wars  (Reprint from 2009)

1948                 Israel independence; War w/Arab States

1956                 Suez Crisis; 8 years later

1967                 Six Days War

1973                 Yom Kippur War; avg. until 1973 – war every 8.33 years

1982     Israel/Lebanon;  avg. until 1982 – war every 8.5 years

1990-’91            Persian Gulf War;  avg. until 1990 – war every 8.5 years

2000     Intifada;  avg. until 2000 – war every 8.66 years

2008     Operation Cast Lead Dec. 27th – Jan. 18, 2009

8.66 yr avg. from 1948 = Jan. ‘09… + 8.66 yrs = 3Q ‘17



“At that time, Tyre will be forgotten for seventy years, the span of a king’s life.”

Isaiah 23:15

“This whole country will become a desolate wasteland, and these nations will serve the king of Babylon seventy years.”

Jeremiah 25:11

“Lord Almighty, how long will you withhold mercy from Jerusalem and from the towns of Judah, which you have been angry with these seventy years?”

Zechariah 1:12  (NIV Translation



For almost two decades, INSIIDE Track has focused on this uncanny convergence of cycles beginning in late-2017 (- late-2018) and focused on Israel & Jerusalem.  That time frame has been repeatedly projected to usher in a momentous decade with already developing shifts becoming obvious to the masses.

One of the first results is expected to be the formation of a Middle East/Arab Union in 2018 – 2021Dec. 2017 is an exact 7-Year Cycle from the start of the Arab Spring – which triggered the latest phase of this overall outlook while fulfilling Kingdom of Jerusalem Cycles detailed in 2007 – 2010.

Are we nearing ‘Arab Summer’ – when things really heat up?  Watch late-2017!