Middle East Shift/Arab Unity Imminent

40-Year Cycle & Arab Unity;
2011 = Time for Major Middle East ‘Shift’!
Next Step Toward 2018–2021 Union.

11/29/10 INSIIDE Track: “Outlook 2011… The Trigger

The year 2011 is the culmination and transition of a myriad of MAJOR cycles – some 60, 360, 660, 720, 1,440, 1,980 and even 3,960 years in duration.  The period of 2011–2013 incorporates an even greater convergence of cycles, including things like Kingdom of Jerusalem Cycles and Arab-Unity Cycles (2011) Middle East War Cycles (2012) and Dollar/China/Saudi Arabia Cycles (2013).

In many respects, the next three years can be viewed as one major, encompassing cycle that could create all kinds of global uncertainty.

That nails down the timing for when major global-altering events are likely.  Of course the obvious follow-up question is ‘What?’

What kinds of ‘earth-shaking’ events could occur?

What nations will be directly involved?

And what others will be on the periphery?…

What’s Known… and What’s Not…

The important thing about cycles is knowing how and when to use them… and/or how and when to integrate them with other forms of analysis.  One of the most obvious factors to incorporate is the Present Reality.

An observer does not always have to be a rocket scientist to see the direction that events (like those in the Middle East) are heading.  However, it is the surprise revelations – like those brought about by the latest batch of WikiLeaks documents – that often give a clearer picture.

For instance, the behind the scenes desires and comments of other world leaders (Saudi Arabia, PLO, Bahrain, etc.) give a better idea of what Iran’s neighbors think of her… and what they hope that the U.S. or Israel will do…

The Trigger

Perhaps, however, the initial event is not something as big as an all-out war.  In many cases, it is a smaller event – that might seem limited or containable at first – that triggers a domino effect of bigger events.

One example might be the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914… and the ensuing outbreak of World War I.  This assassination was linked to disputed powers of two neighboring countries…. similar to the current situation in Syria & Lebanon…

Of course, the most obvious – or the easiest to envision – trigger does not automatically make it the most likely.  There are a few other events that could really get the proverbial ball rolling, all of which are just a logical, linear extrapolation of the Present Reality

1 – Death of Saudi King Abdullah.   (Deteriorating health; Flew to US for medical treatment on November 22nd, 6 days before WikiLeaks revealed that he encouraged US to attack Iran.  Coincidence?  Or another ’Shah’/Islamic Revolt in the making?)

2 – Death of Ayotollah Khameini in Iran?  (WikiLeaks just revealed he has terminal cancer.  Could trigger unrest and attempted overthrow of Ahmadinejad… which would certainly provoke a disproportional response.)

3 – Revolt in another Middle East nation.  (Egypt & Saudi Arabia have always remained at the top of this list, but others are not far behind.)…

Just Dumb LUC

(Low of Unintended Consequences)

These (potential) events are just the triggers.  At least they are somewhat recognizeable.  However, the Law of Unintended Consequences then kicks in… and its anybody’s guess what happens next.

The same is true with regard to the ongoing discussion on Israel and its oil and gas discoveries.  The discoveries are one thing.  Arab reactions are another.  And, just as many Islamic nations cheered ‘We have the Bomb’ when Pakistan detonated a nuclear device in 1998, Iran’s ascent as a nuclear nation will embolden entities like Hezbollah & Hamas to take new risks.  Could these be directed at Israel?


DUPE Squared


As veteran readers should be aware, I have labeled the date of December 8th as D.U.P.E. (Date of Unifying Plans & Events).  It is a date that has timed more global unification events – in the past 100 years and particularly in the past 25 years – than any other.

So, December 8, 2010 is on my radar.  However, 2011 is a year that is also linked to major unification events – and major isolation events – over the past 50-60 years… and even from 720 years ago (Kingdom of Jerusalem).  The two usually go hand in hand as the majority unite in an attempt to defeat a powerful minority.

Among many other cycles, 2011 is 40 Years of ‘Testing’ since the United Arab League finally dissolved in 1971 (and 50 years from its initial split in 1961).  It is 80 years (2 periods of ‘testing’ or ‘preparation’) from the World Islamic Congress of December 7, 1931… in Jerusalem.

2011 is the culmination of many unique cycles related to the Arab League (see above) and the European Union.  It should represent the onset of a new and greater unification among Arab

countries (and possibly Europe).  I will explain more in coming issues.”


December 8, 2010 (DUPE 2010) ushers in dramatic period.  Middle East ‘shift’ projected for 2011Could Egypt or Saudi Arabia play key role in serious upheaval projected for 2011?  Are recent events in Egypt (re: Coptic Christians) accelerating time frame for revolt?  Events of 2011 should pave way (precursor) for 2017/2018 expectations.