NYSE Sell Signal on March 3rd.

NYSE Triggers Daily Trend Sell Signal (on March 3rd); 
March 5th/6th Should Trigger Sharper Sell-off…

03/04/15 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: “As described for the past few months, mid-April is more likely to be the culmination of a new decline – similar to (but potentially more significant than) the 4–6 week declines seen over the past year, leading into cycle lows in mid-April & mid-Oct. 2014 & mid-Jan. 2015.

In each case, an intermediate high was set in the opening days of the preceding month or the very final days of the month before (early-March, early-Sept. & late-Nov. 2014).  A similar pattern could begin to unfold if an intermediate high is set in the opening days of March 2015.

And, since the mid-April date is related to various 40-Year Cycles – as well as diverse, corroborating daily, weekly & monthly cycles – the most apropos scenario would be to see a ~40-day decline (‘period of testing or preparation’) leading into that time frame…

From a price standpoint, a couple Indices have turned neutral – on a daily trend basis – while all of them have now set the parameters for the new intra-month trends…the ubiquitous leader – the NYSE – did turn its daily trend down on today’s close.  That usually prompts a 2-3 day bounce before a more significant decline… all of which fits with the March 6th/9th potential.  And that should be kept in context of another key fulfillment…

As of Feb. 24th, the DJIA has fulfilled multi-year extreme upside targets (as well as fulfilling intra-year upside targets, intra-month upside targets and intra-week upside targets at that time) – the final objective needed in order to usher in the potential for a significant decline.”

–The DJIA has finally reached its multi-year, extreme upside target!

–The Indices set new highs on March 2nd – fulfilling the potential for an early-March spike high (and subsequent sell-off into mid-April)!!

–The NYSE triggered a daily trend pattern sell signal on March 3rd!!!

–The stage is set for a 1-3 day rebound – into March 5th or 6th – and then the onset of a new, and potentially more significant, decline.  March 5th is the earliest the intra-month trends can turn down, so it ushers in a decisive period.  Watch March 6th/9th for initial validation to the outlook for the next 4–6 weeks… and potentially for all of 2015!!