Oil Markets Presage Middle East Turmoil

Oil Markets Presage Middle East Turmoil.
Turkey & Israel = Two Key Nations.
Sept. ’17 – Sept. ’18 = Major Shift!


08/02/17 Weekly Re-Lay Alert:


“Crude Oil, Unleaded Gas & Heating Oil have entered a 1–2 week time frame when an intermediate high is more likely, based on the weekly trend patterns in all three.  Crude maintains the potential to spike as high as ~51.80/CLV first, but that potential will begin to diminish after August 3rd (when the overall month-opening range is established)…

Consistent with longer-term geopolitical cycles, Sept. 2017 is expected to usher in a tumultuous time in the Middle East, potentially focused on Israel.  That has been discussed for two decades and was again revisited in the August 2017 INSIIDE Track.

It is intriguing, in light of Middle East Unification Cycles (discussed for over a decade) & Turkey/Magog Cycles – all converging in 2018–2021 – that Turkey just hosted a gathering of Muslim nations to focus on tensions surrounding Jerusalem.  That single event provides early & initial fulfillment (more of a precursor than anything else) to all of these related cycles coming to fruition, beginning in late-2017–late-2018… and then intensifying into 2019 and ultimately into 2021.

Natural Gas remains weak and did retest and drop below its recent lows.  It would not show any signs of bottoming until, at the very least, a daily close above 2.980/NGV.”


Oil markets are confirming major (1Q 2016) & secondary (mid-2017) lows and poised to take off higher in Sept./Oct. 2017.  Sept. 2017 has been projected (for over a decade) to trigger a tumultuous period in the Middle East and lead to a new, escalating power struggle (but ultimately result in a Middle East Union by 2021).  Energy markets are projecting an initial surge into late-2017/early-2018.

See Jan – Mar. & Aug. 2017 INSIIDE Tracks for analysis pertaining to Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Israel as well as other key Middle East nations.

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional analysis and/or trading strategies.