Ring of Fire Quakes Confirm Cycles

Ring of Fire Quakes Confirm Cycles
2016 = Increasing Instability
April & Oct. 2016 = Primary Phases.

01/29/16 INSIIDE Track:

Instability Breeds Instability

            After fulfilling what was described in the Dec. 2015 INSIIDE Track – when earthquakes were projected for the Middle East/Alpide Belt in late-Dec. – the global geophysical outlook was for Ring of Fire quakes in the second half of January:

1-04-16 – “On a related note, mid-to-late-Jan. is historically an unsettled time on the Ring of Fire, timing many earthquakes in Japan & California through the years.”

How did the Ring of Fire fare in mid-to-late-Jan.?  On Jan. 11–14th, Japan was hit with a pair of 6.0+ quakes as Bolivia was hit with a 6.0.  These  were soon followed by a 6.6 striking off the Pacific Coast of Mexico – on Jan. 21st.

Several moderate quakes struck the California, Oregon & British Columbia coast, leading up to a 7.1 striking S. Alaska onJan. 24th.  While they have been very moderate, the number of quakes striking up & down the West Coast has been on the rise of late.     2016 is already off to a shaky start.   IT

2016 ushers in a new period of (expected) global earth instability.  Mid-to-late-January Ring of Fire cycle (90 & 180-degree cycle timing catastrophic earthquakes in January, April, July & October) expected to impact seismic activity in 2016 & 2017April &October 2016 = primary phases of major earth disturbance cycles in this period.  See recent INSIIDE Tracks for more details analysis.