Russia + Ruble + Ukraine = 2015 Bear Market?

40-Year Cycle Honing Outlook for Stocks & Gold…

11/08/14 Weekly Re-Lay: “Stock Indices are reaching the culmination of multi-week, multi-month, multi-year & multi-decade cycles (in 4Q 2014 and most synergistic in Nov. 2014) at the same time that Gold & Silver have attacked 3–5 year downside price targets… key signs of culmination on different levels.

At the same time, the biggest ‘bear’ is making louder rumblings as Russia allegedly sent tanks into Ukraine even as the Ruble has entered an accelerated plummet heading towards its 3–5 year downside target – around .01950/RU.  As explained since 1999, the Russian Bear and the US Stock Market Bear often emerge together.

Stock Indices are escalating their volatility – first giving the projected drop into mid-October and then validating 2–4 week, 2–4 month & 2–4 year expectations for a rally intoNovember 2014.  A Major peak is expected this month.

The sell-off into mid-Oct. – which was forecast to be a precursor to a similar but more significant sell-off into mid-April 2015 (when the 40-Year Cycle of War reemerges) – perpetuated a series of ~90-degree & ~180-degree turning points and turns focus to mid-January 2015

Gold & Silver plummeted into intermediate cycles on Nov. 3–7th with Gold reaching the lower end of its primary, 3–5 year downside target (1127.0–1132.0/GC) while Silver bottomed out just above its respective target (14.650/SI).

This led to outside-day/2 Close Reversals higher – on Friday – although Gold & Silver did not turn their intra-month trends up.  That has initially fulfilled expectations for a spike low by Nov. 7th.

A low at this time would create a ~4-month high-high-(low) Cycle Progression, connecting the March 17th high & July 10th high with a potential low this past week…And that would create a couple of future expectations…”

See complete Nov. 8, 2014 Weekly Re-Lay for expanded analysis, including Gold & Silver outlook for 2015.  Stock Indices poised for November 2014 peak… andmid-January 2015 (initial) low.

17-Year Cycle – Stocks 2014–2016 II