September Stock Sell-off II

September Stock Sell-off II;
1–3 Month Sell Signal Triggered…

08/27/16 Weekly Re-Lay: 

Stock Indices are steadily topping & rolling over to the downside, after trading through another vulnerable transition period… ushered in by the latest phase of the uncanny 32–33 Week Cycle – AND the culmination of an overriding, ~66-Week low-low-high-high (early-Aug. ’16Cycle Progression – both peaking on August 1–12th.

That was/is expected to lead to an initial drop (into late-Sept./early-Oct.) and also to a larger-degree drop (lasting into late-Nov. – when multiple cycles portend a multi-month low).

Some Indices gave the first signals that a 2–4 week (and potentially a multi-month) peak is taking hold – closing back inside their month-opening ranges and below their initial 1–2 week lows.  That could trigger a drop to [See complete 8/27/16 Weekly Re-Lay Alert for expanded analysis.]

1–3 month & 3–6 month traders & investors can sell Stock Indices at these levels and average into those short positions up to the mid-Aug. highs.  Risk/exit on [See complete 8/27/16 Weekly Re-Lay for comprehensive trading strategy.].  TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK.