Silver Validating MAJOR Cycle Low!

Silver Validating MAJOR Cycle Low!
Dec. 2015 – Powerful Cycle Convergence.
11–12+ Week Advance Expected.

01/23/16 Weekly Re-Lay:  “Gold & Silver are struggling to add to their initial rallies, even as Gold remains positive since fulfilling its primary downside target for the year of2015 (and its 2nd downside objective for the entire 2011–2015 decline) by testing 1033–1045.0/GC… 

Gold needs to extend this rally to at least 11–12 weeks in duration.  At that point, it would match or exceed the duration of each of the three intermediate rallies since January 2014. 

Of course, Gold would be expected to ultimately exceed those durations (to prove that it truly is in a higher-degree advance) – but it could set a 1–2 month top before doing so.  (As long as Gold does NOT set new lows after that peak, if & when it ultimately exceeds that peak – it would be extending the overall duration of that advance and creating the first 12+-week advance since 2012.)

If I were to paint the ideal scenario – based on a web of cycles, wave relationships, averages & trend patterns – it would be that Gold rallies (on balance) into xxxxx (reserved for subscribers)

It would then embark on a second rally into the second half of May

The first sign that this scenario (or something even remotely close to it) is on track would be for Gold to turn its weekly trend up.  It would take a weekly close above1113.1/GCG to do that… and to confirm that a multi-month (possibly multi-quarter) bottom is taking hold. 

Silver still needs a daily close above 14.400/SIH to show the first signs of life.  One important factor to take note of – from a larger-degree perspective – is that Silver has been forming a kind of bullish wedge (descending triangle) since its Dec. 2014 low & Jan. 2015 rebound high. 

It spiked to a (slight) new low in Dec. 2015 – 1 year or 360 degrees later – and completed an exact 50% time retracement of its entire bull market.  Silver rallied from Nov. 2001 into April 2011 – a ~113-month advance.  It then declined for ~56 months (56.5 months is 50%) into Dec. 2015

That also equally divided its decline into a 28-month high (April 2011)–high (Aug. 2013)–low (Dec. 2015) Cycle Progression… while perpetuating a ~7-year low (4Q 2001)–low (4Q 2008)–low (4Q 2015) Cycle Progression.

The Dec. 2015 monthly close was also right on the .786 retracement level (13.81/SI) of the 2001–2011 advance… the farthest that any retracement should go – if it’s not heading to new lows.  This whole scenario also adds some fodder to the 2–3 year outlook, which will be elaborated in the Feb. 2016 INSIIDE Track.

Though Silver has languished at these levels, there are subtle signs that it is turning the corner and about to enter a more bullish period.  If that is accurate, Silver should quickly surge to 15.000/SIH – in the next 1–2 weeks – and then follow-through higher in the weeks that follow.

3–6 month & 6–12 month traders and investors should have entered long positions in Gold & Silver near the lows and should hold them until a weekly close below the lows.”   TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK.

Silver validating Dec. 2015 MAJOR cycle low!  Minimum 11–12 week rally projected.  Ideally, initial advance will exceed 12 weeks… taking it into early/mid-March1Q 2016= Bullish phase.