Stock Indices Culminating Bearish Cycles

Stock Indices Culminating Bearish Cycles;
Multiple Indices Fulfill Downside Targets!
~60-Degree Cycle Projecting Future Highs.

09/12/15 Weekly Re-Lay: Stock Indices are in the final weeks of what had been expected to be a bearish period between late-April–late-Sept./early-Oct.  Already, several Indices & noteworthy stocks have fulfilled the potential for 20+% losses in this time period… ushering in some initial consolidation.

…The accelerated drop on Aug. 18–24th fulfilled several weeks worth of downside potential and ushered in an uncertain period, after extreme downside targets had been reached.   

At the time, the DJIA came within 30 points – or 0.2% – of its 2014 low.  Since then, the Indices have vacillated in a range, with decisive resistance (that has not yet been tested) around 17,050/DJIA & 2020/ESZ.  It is very common for the first test of a pivotal support level to hold and spur a sizeable rebound…That is corroborated by intermediate cycles… 

The most convincing is a ~60-degree cycle that also comes into play in mid-Sept… that argues for an intervening peak.  It is a ~60-degree low (mid-Jan.)–low (mid-Mar.)–high (mid-May)–high (mid-July)–high (mid-Sept.) Cycle Progression… 

That is in tune with the midpoint of the latest intermediate peaks – on July 20th & Aug. 28th – that comes into play on Sept. 16th/17th.  Since the intra-month trend has turned up in the NQZ, that clarifies expectations for that time period & increases the potential for a rally into mid-Sept.”

[See 9/12/15 Weekly Re-Lay for complete details as the Indices soon exit bearish cycles and enter a more positive phase (after late-Sept.).  Mid-Sept. & mid-Nov. = next phases of this consistent ~60-degree high-high Cycle Progression.  Refer to 40-Year Cycle: Stock-flation Reports for analysis on why the real trouble should wait until after mid-Dec. 2015.]