Stocks Fulfill 2015/2016 Outlook

Stocks Fulfill 2015/2016 Outlook.
Prepare for 2017 Downturn;
Weekly/Monthly Cycles Concur.

11/30/16 Weekly Re-Lay Alert:

“Stock Indices are showing some divergence as they begin to enter the period when a convergence of multi-year cycles turn bearish (or are already turning bearish) at the same time.  One of the prime examples, that has been discussed for the past two years, is that of the 40-Year Cycle & the 17-Year Cycle.

The 40-Year Cycle entered a topping phase in early-2015 and was expected to spend at least 15–18 months in that developing peak… before a sustained decline began to take hold.

In the midst of that period (2Q 2015–4Q 2016), the 17-Year Cycle (as well as the 7-Year & 14-Year Cycles) projected a sharp, ~20% drop in mid-2015 – ideally between late-April & late-Sept. 2015 – but then turned positive until late-2016/early-2017.

That is very similar to what transpired in 1998–2000… 17 years ago.

At the same time, other monthly & weekly cycles were projecting sharp swings in both directions.  All of these factors combined – as well as corresponding technical indicators – projected a volatile 1–2 year period in which 2015–2016 was expected to look similar to 2000–2001… and that things would not turn decidedly bearish until late-2016.

Now, beginning in early-2017, a larger majority of those cycles will be in negative phases even as the 17-Year Cycle projects a multi-year downturn.  With the 40-Year Cycle already shifting the same way (from up to topping & neutral to down), it reinforces the outlook for a more convincing decline in 2017.

That is reinforced by various weekly cycles (32–33 Week66-Week & others) and monthly cycles (~5-month, ~10-month & others).”

Stock Indices fulfilling 2015/2016 expectations while preparing for initial downturn in early-2017.  17-Year Cycletops & begins to turn negative in 2017 and could trigger larger-degree decline.  See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional details.