Stocks Fulfilling Sharp Drop

Stocks Fulfilling Sharp Drop;
Late-June Cycle Low Impending?
Indices Nearing Decisive Support.

06/25/16 Weekly Re-Lay: 

“Stock Indices are selling off – validating ongoing projections for a sharp drop into late-June/early-July (after fulfilling analysis for a rebound into early-June).  Daily trend signals (and daily LHRs) helped corroborate that and pinpoint a reversal lower on June 24th… validated by the Brexit vote.  More confirmation is still needed. 

Stock Indices further validated the 3–6 month outlook – for a rally into mid-April & then another 2–3 month correction into late-June/early-July (with the sharpest drop expected during the final 2-4 weeks).  They are entering a multi-week period when a series of lows is again likely…  

Stock Indices rebounded to daily LHRs & set up a daily trend-pattern sell signal on June 23rd… and then reversed sharply lower on June 24th – reinforcing expectations for a sharp drop in late-June.  [Refer to ongoing analysis for Stock Indices to set another important low – after a sharp pullback – ideally in late-June.  Recent analysis has expounded on the growing resilience in many Indices, setting the stage for an impending bottom… or series of bottoms.]