Stocks Heighten Danger Period

Stocks Heighten Danger Period;
Aug. 15–22nd = Mini-Meltdown?
Decennial Cycle Validated.


08/16/17 Weekly Re-Lay Alert:

Stock Indices rebounded in line with the Nasdaq 100’s daily trend pattern.  Several Indices (Russell 2K, NQ-100, NYSE) have fulfilled a textbook daily trend pattern, turning their daily trends down on Friday and then fulfilling the normal 2–3 day bounce that typically follows (a test of strength… or weakness).

Not only that, they rebounded right to their (new) daily trend neutral points, remaining negative throughout these rebounds.  That sets the stage for a new 3–5 day (or longer) sell-off to now take hold.

That dovetails perfectly with the daily 21 MARCs in the ESU & NQU, which have rallied to match current price ranges.  As a result, their daily 21 MACs have flattened (since the new highs & lows are now roughly equivalent to the replacement highs & lows being eliminated from that calculation) and could turn down with just a moderate sell-off.

For tomorrow, they need to drop below 2457.75/ESU & 5889/NQU to assure a downward reversal in the daily 21 MACs.

The Russell 2K remains negative since peaking in late-July & perpetuating a 6-week/40–44 day high-high-high-high Cycle Progression.  A drop into Aug. 18–22, the next phase of a 13–14 day high-high-high-high-(low) Cycle Progression, is still likely.

A drop into August 18–22 would perpetuate an ongoing ~30-degree & ~90-degree cycle (Mar. 16 high, Apr. 17 & May 17/18 lows, June 19 & Jly. 21 highs).  The Russell 2000 neutralized its intra-year uptrend while twice neutralizing its weekly uptrend.  It would take a weekly close below 1368 to turn that weekly trend down.

That also pinpoints Aug. 18–22nd as the likely time for an initial downside culmination.  With the Aug. 15th rebound spike high, the Russell 2K has also created a short-term, 7-day high-high-(low) Cycle Progression targeting August 22nd for a low…

1–4 week traders could have sold [reserved for subscribers only; FUTURES & EQUITY TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK]”


Stock Indices provide textbook rebound and prepare for sharper decline on August 15–22nd!  Several Indices poised to confirm reversals, as early as Aug. 17th or 18th.  Potential sell-off would act as precursor to second Danger Period, later in 2017.

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional details.