Stocks Poised for March 2nd Sell Signal.

Stocks Reach Multi-Year Upside Targets; 
March 2–6th Should Trigger (Begin) Sharp Sell-off…

02/28/15 Weekly Re-Lay: “Stock Indices have rallied to new highs, allowing the DJIA to test its multi-year extreme upside targets (18,150–18,550) and all three Indices to test LLH objectives.  If a high is seen within the next week, it could/should trigger a drop into mid-April

Stock Indices set new highs (fulfilling the weekly trend patterns in the NYSE & NQH) as all three Indices attacked their Intermediate LLH objectives – at 18,219/DJIA2118.0/ESH & 4400/NQH.  By the time the Indices reached those levels, additional resistance had formed there with Intra-week PLLRs at 18,230/DJIA & 2118.75/ESH.  So far, those Indices have made it to 18,244/DJIA & 2117.75/ESH.

In doing so, the DJIA has fulfilled multi-year extreme upside targets, intra-year upside targets, intra-month upside targets and intra-week upside targets.  So, it can finally be said that the DJIA has fulfilled its upside price objectives…

Looking at the intermediate perspective, the Indices maintain the potential for the next high to take hold in this time frame (Feb. 25–March 6th) and then usher in another 4–6 week decline… into more significant cycles in mid-April.

That would mimic (in time) the pattern seen from March 3–5th into Apr. 15, 2014 (note the potential for a 360-degree cycle from that past high & low).  It would also replicate the declines from Sept. 3rd into Oct. 15/16, 2014 and from Nov. 28 into Jan. 15/16, 2015.  They are the three intermediate declines that led into and ultimately created that series of lows on a 90-degree basis.

A high in early-March would come 360 degrees from the March 3–5th, 2014 high, 180 degrees from the Sept. 3, 2014 high and at the mid-point (45-degree cycle) between the mid-Jan. low and the mid-April cycle.

And, it would come at the same time that so many long-term cycles are converging in diverse global Indices (March/April 2015; see March 2015 INSIIDE Track for details).”

Current publications provide more details on this decline that should take hold on March 2–4th (month-opening range).  March 6th/9th is a CRITICAL period that could confirm this analysis!!