Stock Sell-off Imminent?

Stock Indices Poised for Jan. 23rd Peak…
And Sharp Sell-off on Jan. 26–30th… and Beyond!

01/21/15 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: “From its Oct. 8th high, Nasdaq 100 has an 18–19 trading-day high-high-high-high Cycle Progression that next comes into play on January 23rd (+ or – 1 trading day) – the ideal time for another lower peak.

The daily trend pattern is beginning to corroborate that scenario and the daily 21 MACs are turning negative.  That is likely to trigger at least a 1–2 week sell signal in the coming days… ideally on Jan. 23rd.

From a timing basis, the Indices are fulfilling the most important projection for intermediate cycles.  They spiked down into January 16th – perpetuating a ~30-degree & ~90-degree that projects future (increased) significance to mid-April 2015, the primary cycle objective for the first half of 2015

If the Indices set another low – following another significant drop – in mid-February, that would add/ perpetuate a corroborating ~60-degree cycle low that ALSO comes back into play in mid-April 2015.  (It would not be surprising if that is the time – in mid-Feb. – when the Indices are reversing their weekly trends to down.)

A near-term high – on January 23rd or 26th – would corroborate the potential for a drop into – and an ensuing low in – mid-February.”  [See Weekly Re-Lay publications for complete analysis, specific trigger points and related trading strategies.]

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