Unleaded Gas & Heating Oil Confirm

Unleaded Gas & Heating Oil Confirm!
Weekly Trends Reverse Higher…
Intensify Focus on Sept/Oct. 2017.


07/29/17 Weekly Re-Lay:


Oil markets extended their rallies with Unleaded Gas & Heating Oil turning their weekly trends up…

Crude Oil, Unleaded Gas & Heating Oil extended their rebounds after Crude pulled back and twice neutralized its daily uptrend before re-entering that uptrend.  That daily signal projected a rally to new rebound highs, which quickly unfolded.

At the same time, Unleaded Gas & Heating Oil – which remain stronger than Crude – pulled back to test their daily trend support as well as their month-opening highs (resistance turned into support) and then resumed their uptrends.

That provided another opportunity for them to turn their weekly trends up, which they have now done.  While that has additional bullish implications for the coming 1–3 months, it also pinpoints the likely time (next 1–2 weeks) for an initialhigh.  The weekly trend pattern in Crude corroborates that – with a spike to ~51.80/CLV possible first.  This reinforces what is expected, from Sept. ’17 on.

Consistent with longer-term geopolitical cycles, Sept. 2017 is expected to usher in a tumultuous time in the Middle East, potentially focused on Israel.  That has been discussed for two decades.  Similar to the Jewish Year of 5761 (Sept. 2000–Sept. 2001) – a complete 17-Year Cycle ago – the Jewish Year of 5778 (Sept. 20/21, 2017–Sept. 2018) has been expected to escalate tensions surrounding the Middle East.

This kind of topic is usually reserved for INSIIDE Track and was discussed in the Jan. & Feb. 2017 issues (and is again addressed in the forthcoming August 2017 issue).  The reason for discussing it here is a related cycle that precedes these significant years…

It is Tisha b’Av – the 9th of Av (since Av is the 11th month on the Jewish calendar, and since many cultures write a date in the year/date/month format, Tisha b’Av is also 9/11).

That is a date of repeated challenges & catastrophes in the history of Israel & the Jews.  While I am more focused on Tisha b’Av in 2018 (July 21/22, 2018) for more dramatic events, it is worth noting that July 31/August 1, 2017 is Tisha b’Av this year… and should be watched.

More than anything, I will be monitoring it to see if any precursor type of events occur – presaging what could be expected in 5778.

Natural Gas failed to turn its daily trend up during its previous rebound and has since turned its daily 21 MAC back down, increasing the potential for a retest of recent lows.”


Unleaded Gas & Heating Oil have confirmed that (at least) a likely 6–12 month bottom is in place (June 2017) and a multi-month advance is underway.  That rally should resume after a 2–4 week period of consolidation – reaffirming the focus on Sept./Oct. 2017 to usher in a bullish period in oil markets & a tumultuous period in the Middle East.  The first phase (for energy markets) could last into early-2018.

See Jan – Mar. 2017 INSIIDE Tracks for analysis pertaining to Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Israel as well as other key Middle East nations.  Middle East cycles also remain focused on Sept. 2017 to usher in a decisive 1-year & 3–4 year period – as 2018–2021 remains the expected time for a serious realignment in the Middle East, ultimately resulting in a Middle East Union.

See Weekly Re-Lay & INSIIDE Track for additional analysis and/or trading strategies.