Volcano Cycles in 2010–2020; Space Race

40-Year Cycle in Space/on Earth;
April/May 2010 Volcanic Risk in Iceland & Europe…

03/30/10 INSIIDE Track: “Outlook 2010 – 2011…  Signs in the Sun – Part III

The Battle for Babel

Last month, I referred to what I have often termed the modern-day Tower of Babel… the International Space Station.  In recent years, this has been a unified effort between the U.S. & Russia.  However, for much of its history it was a heated battle.  That Battle for Babel begin in 1971, on…

April 19th!

That is when the USSR launched Salyut I – the first space station.  This success came 1 year – 360 degrees – from America’s most scary event in her infant space race.  April 14 – 17, 1970 marked the Apollo 13 near-disaster.

For several years, I have explained why I believe that April 2011 – possibly April 19, 2011 – would mark a major crescendo in the Space Race, 40 years of testing from the April 19, 1971 launching of Salyut I.  As part of that discussion, I have also focused on April 2010 for a possible ‘precursor event’ in space exploration…

European Eruptions – Part II

Last month, I explained why I thought one surprise – in the coming years – would be volcanic eruptions on the southern (Italy, Greece) & northern borders (Iceland) of Europe.  This is what was stated then:

“While the topic of volcanoes would normally make people think of various Pacific Islands (from Hawaii to Indonesia to Philippines to Japan… and all points in between) or South America, some of the most intriguing cycles come together in Europe – at the northern and southern borders.

          …it is the group of volcanoes in Iceland that really intrigue me.  These have multiple cycles – that I will discuss later – coming into play surrounding 2012.”

For the third time this year, it only took a few weeks for this analysis to be initially fulfilled.  On March 20th/21st – as half the globe was ‘coming to life’ – there was a violent eruption from a 200-year dormant volcano in Iceland.

This is only what I would consider a precursor event and could be a harbinger of major activity in/around 2012 BUT could also be an omen of something larger in the April/May 2010 period – when multiple volcano cycles converge. (See March 2010 INSIIDE Track for more details.)

As I stated last month, the volcanoes in Iceland – and their converging cycles in 2012 (+/- 2 years) – are the ones that really intrigue me and are the ones at greatest (perceived) risk for violent eruptions in the coming years… and/or months.

One of the most notorious is Grimsvotn, which has seen some increasing activity in the past 40 years but which is best known for eruptions in 1783 – 1785.  This created a catastrophic period – in Iceland and much of Europe – into 1789 (and beyond).  Among the consequences were the hottest summer and the coldest winter in centuries and the death of over 25% of Iceland’s population.

These eruptions occurred during the middle ‘X,Z’ period listed on the Sunspot chart on page 4 – when the Sun saw its largest pair of Sunspot Cycles for 150 years, in either direction.

The recent (past 40 years) resurgence of activity makes me wonder if something larger is on the horizon.  The current Sunspot Cycle – the 20th since the 1780’s – (and the 10th in the sequence of 22-Year Solar Polar Cycles, as described last month) creates a larger degree, 220+-Year Cycle that converges with many corroborating cycles…

Another well-known Icelandic volcano is Katla.  Katla has had a web of eruption cycles that also seem to point to the period from 2010 – 2020 as a potentially active one…

Katla saw eruptions on a 300-year basis – in 1311, 1416 & 1721 – which could augur new activity in the current decade.  This also broke down into a roughly 100-year cycle (95 – 102 years) – with eruptions in 1625, 1721, 1823 & 1918.  The next phase of this cycle is in the coming decade.

However, the most intriguing is the cycle sequence with Hekla – another major volcano in Iceland.  This volcano has been closely paralleling the 11-Year Sunspot Cycle, creating a sequence of eruptions that first appeared at 44-year intervals, then at 33 – 35-year intervals, then at 22-year intervals and most recently at 10/11-year intervals…

As I often reiterate (emphatically), it is NOT a single cycle or just 2 or 3 that warrant closer attention.  It is the SYNERGY of many diverse cycles – all converging in a narrow window of time – that spur me to sit up and take notice.

Cycles that are 500 & 700 years in duration, cycles that are 440-450 years in duration (40 xs the 11-Year Sunspot Cycle), cycles that are 100 years in duration, cycles that are 44-45 years, 33-35 years, 22 years and 10-11 years… are all converging in the next few years and portending a major eruption in Iceland.

And this does not even factor in all the global Earth Disturbance Cycles that simultaneously come into play from 2010 – 2014.

Nor does it include the corroborating fact that the Sunspot Cycle has bottomed and is in the very early stages of a new up cycle.

Nor does it incorporate that very eerie coincidence that societies and civilizations have frequently seen internal chaos (like Iceland almost going bankrupt in the past two years) just prior to major earth events.

When you add all of those factors into the mix, it certainly provides some synergetic cause for caution.

On a larger, global scale, I should reiterate that I will be watching the months of April & May – beginning in 2010 & 2011…”

Volcanic Cycles accelerate in April/May 2010; Icelandic volcanoes at risk (immediate future AND for next decade).