Volcano Watch List

Sakurajima (Japan)

“…growing concern that its activity is consistent with… last few large eruptions.” (1914 & 1781; 40-Year & 100-Year Cycle converge in 2014–2021.)
“…31 miles from Sendai nuclear plant…The possibility for a large-scale eruption has become extremely high for Sakurajima…The 1914 eruption of Sakurajima was the most powerful in 20th-century Japan.”
“…on high alert for a major eruption at Mount Sakurajima…There were 1,023 volcanic earthquakes [on Aug. 15]…about 50 kilometers from the Sendai nuclear power plant, where Japan last week restarted a nuclear reactor for the first time in nearly two years.”

Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

“…Volcanic activity in Cotopaxi… is the latest incident in recent months, during which a number of volcanoes have come to life…Cotopaxi is the latest to reflect a recent series of volcanic activity around the world…”  (No surprise to INSIIDETrack readers; 2015–2019 is the convergence of massive volcano cycles, including – but NOT limited to – 17-Year Cycles, 40-Year Cycles, 100-Year Cycles & 200-Year Cycles.)
“…declared a state of emergency over increasing activity at the Cotopaxi volcano…among the world’s most dangerous volcanoes…”
“Eruptions that began on Friday have shot ash more than two miles into the sky…Cotopaxi is considered one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes…”

Manam (Papua New Guinea)

“…on alert in the wake of an eruption at Manam volcano…observed ash shooting as high as 12 miles into the air…ongoing eruptions of variable magnitudes are possible.”

Raung (Indonesia)

“…one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia began spewing ash… at least 900 airplane flights into and out of Bali…were cancelled…” [Ash clouds reached ~20,000 feet;  Major eruptions in 1593–1597 – and 1936 eruption – project 40-Year Cycle focus on 2013–2017.]

Sinabung (Indonesia)

“…volcanologists monitoring Sinabung believe that magma supply to the growing lava dome has recently increased.  This will likely result in more and larger pyroclastic flows that can threaten a number of villages that so far have been unharmed…”
“Earlier this month, authorities raised the alert level for the volcano to the highest…has been erupting sporadically since 2010 after remaining dormant for 400 years.”  [Eruptive activity 400, ~800 & ~1,200 years ago powerfully reinforce the40-Year Cycle, 100-Year Cycle & 200-Year Cycle of Volcanic Swarms.]
“Sinabung eruption: Thousands flee Indonesian volcano…Before 2010, the volcano had been dormant for more than 400 years….could pose more danger in the coming weeks…The danger alert for Mount Sinabung was raised to its highest level on 2 June.” 
Sinabung Eruptive History