Forbes – Troy Onink

06/29/16 – Troy Onink asks Eric for an update on his 2015 & 2016 projections that the UK & British Pound would take another pummeling in 2016/2017… linked to an uncanny 8-Year Cycle in Eric’s work.  Now that Brexit has been passed – to the surprise of most of the experts – Troy wants Eric to explain to Forbes readers why this was no surprise to INSIIDE Track readers and how Eric had been anticipating this for some time.

Troy has been reading INSIIDE Track for over a decade and also had this to say about Eric’s foresight & analysis prior to this & other dramatic market moves:

“The stunning vote by UK citizens to leave the EU, known as Brexit or British Exit, has been called a black swan because it appears to be a rare event that nobody saw coming. Well, everybody but Eric Hadik, technical analyst and publisher of Insiide Track Trading, who had been focusing on the EU vote as a potential fundamental event coinciding with his forecast for a sharp stock decline in late June, a surge in gold and currency volatility.  To Hadik, the Brexit outcome was no black swan event at all. He got it right based on an uncanny 8 year cycle of events going back decades…

While Eric Hadik’s in depth commentary on Brexit, the financial, commodity and currency markets below is insightful to say the least, the uncanny cycles he follows that led to caution around the Brexit vote also warn of other potential trouble and opportunities ahead…readers were so negatively impacted by stock crashes in 2000-2001 and 2008-2009, and Eric Hadik was way out in front of those events.”