Eric Hadik

Who is Eric Hadik?

First introduced to commodity futures & the financial markets in 1979-80, Eric S. Hadik is a trader & analyst who has been intimately involved with the markets for over 30 years. His first introduction to technical analysis came through Fibonacci Mathematics and the Elliott Wave Principle and he began trading in 1982.

However, it was not until he discovered the works of W.D. Gann and Gann’s integration of Biblical and natural cycles that Eric knew he had discovered his life’s passion and purpose. It is this devotion that led one subscriber — a professional money manager — to state:

“Your openness, generosity and love of the markets come through clearly in your writing. Your help is immensely appreciated.”

In the 1980’s, while trading his own accounts and studying technical analysis, Eric provided technical analysis to – and worked closely with – top level corporate & individual traders for major institutions like BP, Enron, Arco, Occidental, Royal-Dutch Shell, SOHIO, Chase Manhattan & Irving Trust and CRT.  He also provided his analysis to Engelhard, Handy & Harman, Degussa, Amax Gold, Pegasus Gold, and dozens of smaller and mid-size miners in the US and Canada.

In the early 1990’s, Eric laid the groundwork for what is now INSIIDE Track Trading, dealing with and advising hundreds of individual and corporate traders while writing articles for diverse publications like Gann & Elliott Wave Magazine, Futures Magazine, Managed Futures Today, Cycles Magazine, The Technician & Trader’s World – while also contributing analysis to Barron’s Investor’s Daily and the Wall Street Journal.

In 1994, Eric founded INSIIDE Track Trading with the expressed goal of teaching & sharing his work with qualified and serious traders, informing & educating investors and ultimately re-entering the field of managed futures.

In the 1990’s, Eric was also a recurring guest on the weekly show ‘Inside Wall Street’ and on CNBC.  He also provided dozens of podcast interviews – since the early-2000’s – that have been featured on the websites of ABC, CBS & Fox News affiliates, of major metropolitan newspapers (Boston Globe, etc.) and of numerous financial institutions.

However, his most specific, precise & timely analysis is reserved for his subscribers alone.

Due to the tremendous time investments in trading, research and writing, Eric cannot personally respond to all feedback, but does read – and greatly appreciates – all input from readers and subscribers and welcomes your comments.

Thank you for visiting this site.  Please keep in mind – with respect to any analysis that refers to the markets or investing:

   Futures Trading & Speculative Investments Do Involve Substantial Risk!