Financial Sense Insider – Cris Sheridan

08/10/16 – Stocks Nearing Crash Cycles in 2016/2017.  Gold Poised for Next Surge in mid-April.  April 19th Date of Aggression Could Impact Both.  Food Crisis on Horizon in 2016/2017.

Cris asks Eric about cycle swarms and how he uses that.  Eric explains that the synergy of events – whether market, earth-disturbance, food crises, etc. – that increases their predictive probability and the likelihood of repeat performances.  Eric reiterates some of his related expectations – for volcanic eruptions and food crises, leading into a crescendo in/around 2019.

Eric also ties in analysis regarding sunspot cycles, drought & famine, weather extremes and market panics – all recurring on a very consistent basis (and likely to return/intensify in 2017–2019).

Cris recounts Eric’s ongoing analysis of the 8-Year Cycle and why/how it predicted the Brexit vote of late-June… and asks Eric to update that outlook.  Eric restates his projections that 2016–2017 would see another ’pummeling of the Pound’ – as has occurred EVERY 8 years since 1960.

Leading into 2016, Eric explained why this cycle should create another steep drop in the value of the British Pound in 2016with a final, washout bottom expected in 2017.  The first phase was projected to culminate in late-June, with a second phase expected to take hold in Sept. 2016 and trigger another sharp sell-off in 4Q 2016.

Eric then updates his Gold & Silver outlook, including his projections (in 2015) for a pair of sharp advances leading into July 2016 (when a recurring 4-month cycle returns) and an ensuing drop… that could also last 4 months (into Nov. 2016).  [Eric’s published analysis calls for a new drop into late-August – and down to 1308/GC – followed by a third drop from early-Sept. into early-Oct. and down to at least 1260/GC.  Silver is projected to plummet to 16.000/SI in the coming months.]

Cris asks Eric to update his Crash Cycles, which have been focused on late-2016 (since early-2015).  Eric reiterates his outlook that the stock market would see a 15–18 month topping process – from early-2015 through 3Q 2016 – before the first convincing decline is seen in Oct./Nov. 2016.  An uncanny 32–33 Week Cycle is setting the stage for a mid-August reversal lower, followed by a minor drop into late-Sept. & then a larger decline from mid-Oct. into late-Nov.

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