Financial Survival Network – Kerry Lutz

08/10/16 – Stock Crash Cycles in late-2016/2017 nearing.  Danger Periods expected immediately after Aug. 12th & Oct. 7th; Sharp drop projected for Oct./Nov. 2016.  Gold forecast to drop sharply into late-August, again into early-Oct. & finally into Nov. 2016.  Downside targets published.  Brexit vote fulfills 8-Year & 80-Year Cycles discussed for past year.

Your call on Gold starting in 2016 has been frighteningly on the money.  And not many of your colleagues out there have been as accurate as you have.  I can tell you this because I search people out and I listen to everybody.  I don’t express my views because honestly I’m not smart enough to know what these cycles are going to bring.  But you’ve been right.”

– Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network (Posted with this interview)  

Kerry begins by prompting Eric to update his Gold & Silver outlook that has been ‘very, very accurate’, in Kerry’s viewpoint.  Eric reiterates his 2016 Roadmap for Gold & Silver – that projected two sharp advances into mid-2016 and then a sharp sell-off into late-Augustearly-October and ultimately into November 2016.

[Weekly Re-Lay analysis projects a drop to ~1308 by late-August, a drop to (at least) 1260.0/GC by/in early-Oct. and an ultimate drop to (at least) 1220.0/GC by/in Nov. 2016.  Silver has related targets including its primary downside objective at ~16.000/SI.]

Eric updates his outlook for Gold & Silver after they fulfilled projections for another surge in April – leading into intermediate cycle highs in early-May and up to Eric’s 3–6 month upside targets (the primary objectives for the first half of 2016) at 1305–1315/GC & 18.00–18.50/SI… where a multi-month top was/is increasingly likely.

Kerry & Eric then discuss market manipulation, the outlook for the US Dollar (final advance into 2017), Eric’s analysis for the stock market (15–18 month topping process from early-2015 into late-2016 before convincing drop materializes in 4Q 2016) & Crude Oil (bottoming process for 1–2 years from early-2016).  Kerry then asks Eric about W.D. Gann’s influence on his work.

Eric concludes by explaining his approach to market analysis and how Gann & Elliott Wave have factored into that, stressing that he only uses what is practical and consistent – not just theoretically ‘perfect’.