Talk Digital Network – Jim Goddard

09/07/16 – Mid-Oct–late-Nov. Stock Drop Expected: Gold/Silver Negative into 4Q ’16.

Eric reiterates his intermediate & longer-term outlook for the stock market, including expectations for an initial (minor) drop into late-Sept. and then a more pronounced decline from mid-Oct. into late-Nov. 2016.  Eric elaborates on some possible triggers like European Banks, explaining why the STOXX 600 European Bank Index is reflecting those struggles (and looming threats).

Jim asks Eric how that would impact Gold & Silver, to which Eric responds by reiterating his ‘Roadmap for 2016’ which has – since late-2015 – called for a sharp rally into mid-2016 followed by a significant drop (to a higher low) into 4Q 2016… BEFORE a sustained bull market takes form.  They conclude with a brief discussion on the impending US Election and how it could impact the markets.