2016 = Intensifying Instability

2016 = Intensifying Instability
Earthquake & Volcano Cycles…
April & Oct. 2016 = First Phases.

02/27/16 INSIIDE Track:

Instability Breeds Instability III: Earth Disturbance Update

            2016 was projected to be an unstable year in many arenas.  From precious metals & currencies to equities to global geopolitics and even to geophysical activity, 2016 is expected to usher in a multi-year period of intensifying instability around the world.  In the run-up to 2016, Dec. 2015 was forecast to trigger many early events – including a sharp sell-off in stocks, a strong rally in Gold and earthquakes on the Alpide Belt.

All three took hold and that was projected to accelerate in January, with Stock Indices projected to plummet into late-Jan./early-Feb, Gold expected to surge into mid-Feb. and earth activity to shift to the Ring of Fire in the second half of January.

These also occurred, with each expected to be a precursor to more significant activity as 2016 unfolds.  With respect to earth instability, Japan was hit with a pair of 6.0+ quakes as Bolivia was also hit with a 6.0.  They were followed by a 6.6 striking off the Mexican Coast – on Jan. 21st.

Several moderate quakes struck California, Oregon, British Columbia & then Alaska (7.1 on Jan. 24th).  That activity continued in February with moderate quakes in Central California, perpetuating the rising swarm of earth activity in the Northwest…that activity corroborated Cascadian (NW U.S. & W. Canada) Volcano Cycles projected to spike in 2015–2017 (as well as four 40-Year Cycles from California’s ‘Big One’ in 1857) and ushered in a cyclically significant synergy of multi-month to multi-decade cycles (for the same region), beginning in Oct. 2015.

The first significant phase was/is expected in April/October 2016…”

    2016 projected to see intensifying instability around the globe.  Global earthquakes and then volcanoes expected to increase during 2016.   Focus shifts from Alpide Belt to Ring of Fire; Major cycle convergence in April & October 2016.  See recent INSIIDE Tracks for more details analysis.