40-Year AND 17-Year Cycle of Instability

40-Year AND 17-Year Cycle of Instability…
April 29, 2015 – 17-Year Cycle: Earthquakes & Market Quakes
The second half of April 2015 was expected to usher in a destabilized period, initially felt from late-April into late-Sept. 2015… but ultimately extending beyond then.  This period was again discussed in the October 2014 INSIIDE Track, detailing some of the diverse cycle synergies that would be coming into play in mid-2015
Outlook 2014–2015
     40- & 17-Year Cycles Converge


– The topic of cycles is often a controversial one, pitting blind adherents who see everything governed by perfect periodicity…against those broad-stroke, throw-out-the-baby-with-the-bathwater naysayers who are extremely uncomfortable with the possibility that life might be a bit more than a giant, random-walk, cosmic accident. ..

The Sum of its Parts

…it is the synergy of converging cycles that increases their probability and predictability…the 70-Year Cycle has increased significance & synergy since it closely aligns with the 17-Year Cycle (multiples).

The 17-Year Cycle (which is actually slightly over 17 years) doubles to a ~34-Year Cycle (closer to 34.5 years) which then doubles to a 68 (–69)-Year Cycle… bumping up against the 70-Year Cycle…an overlap of cycles, like 2014–2017 when a host of 40-Year & 70-Year Cyclesconverge…

Cord of Three (Natural) Strands

Throw in a unique convergence of celestial & terrestrial cycles (sunspot cycles, earthquake cycles & volcano cycles) – that corroborate the same time frame…Talk about synergy!

…And speaking of destabilizing forces in Asia, Mt. Ontake erupted in Japan (150 miles from Tokyo) on Sept. 27th – providing another reminder of volcanic cycles entering a dramatic phase which begs the question:  How do the markets like instability?…

The period leading into mid-October is likely to be unsettling, which could & should act as a precursor to a related period of time in the future…it is the similarities in 2015 – to 1998 & 1981 (one & two 17-Year Cycles prior) – that should be more concerning.  In both cases, the period between late-April and late-Sept. was the undoing of the stock market – when 20+% drops were experienced.

If Stock Indices followed the expected course now (leading into and out of mid-October), it should give a glimpse of what to expect…into/through 3Q 2015.”

Quick Summary:  40-Year Cycle of Stock-flation reached fruition in late-2014; 2015 should be a transitional year with a lower yearly close.         Late-April through late-Sept. 2015 was poised to provide ‘the undoing of the stock market’… with instability arising (Natural Cycles) in Oct. 2014 and acting as a precursor to April 2015.

Current Update:  Oct. 2014 experienced major quakes in China (6.1), Mexico (6.1), Japan (6.3), Nicaragua (7.2), New Zealand (6.5), Argentina (6.8)… along with volcanic eruptions at Mt. Sinabung (Indonesia), Bardabunga (Iceland), Mt. Ontake (Japan) & Turrialba (Costa Rica)… instability rising and projecting focus to:

April 2015 experienced major quakes in Indonesia (6.0), Russia (6.1), Greece (6.1), Fiji (6.5), Taiwan (6.4), New Zealand (6.0), Canada (6.2) and then the April 22nd eruption of Calbuco volcano in Chile.  However, none of that compared to the most recent, 7.9 quake in Nepal. Geophysical instability is rising, just as market instability enters the precarious ’late-April–late-Sept.’ period, linked to previous (17-Year Cycle) financial crises.  If Major cycles are accurate, more shaky events are still to come (i.e. Indonesian, Iceland & Italy volcanoes??).” IT

40-Year & 17-Year Cycles Renewing April/October Sequence…
Oct. 2014 & April 2015 Produce Corroborating Earth Disturbances.
Oct. 2015 & April 2016 = Accelerating Instability?