April 19th China Gold Fix Fulfills Cycles

April 19th China Gold Fix Fulfills Cycles;
Date of Aggression Validated…
Projects Focus to April 2017!

04/20/16 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: 

“The first month (March 20/21stApril 19/20th) of Natural Year 2016 was a momentous one – beginning with the Brussels Bombings, punctuated with one of the largest** swarms of diverse, major earthquakes around the globe & culminating with China firing another decisive ‘shot across the bow’ of Western financial superiority & domination.

[**One of the largest groupings, of 6.0+ global earthquakes in such a narrow window of time.]

On April 19th, China did initiate what had been long anticipated & speculated – a yuan-based gold fix at the Shanghai Gold Exchange.  As warned before, I am convinced this has far more of a future impact than a present one…

It is just one more proverbial ‘duck in a row’ as China meticulously & methodically sets the stage for a global power shift in the coming years.  More should be expected in the coming months.  The West – with the Jamaica Accord in 1976 – came out in solidarity against Gold and in favor of debt-backed currency.  Precisely one 40-Year Cycle later, the tide is turning!

This was also expected to act as a precursor to 2017 – potentially April 2017 – when the next cycle of attacks against America is expected.  While this might seem like a far cry from what would be termed an ‘attack’, keep in mind the progression of attacks described in 40-Year Cycle: Date of Aggression and many corresponding publications.  It has evolved to cyber attacks – often targeted at financial institutions.

These recent events powerfully reinforce the conclusion that we are entering a tumultuous period in 2016/2017 (and on into 2021… when War Cycles reach a crescendo)..

Gold & Silver surged through April 19th, in perfect fulfillment of Date of Aggression cycles as well as the potential for a sharp 2–3 day advance…China did initiate a Yuan-based gold fix at the Shanghai Gold Exchange, yet another step in their steady but accelerating move towards global monetary significance (if not supremacy). 

While this event has its own individual significance, the greater importance is what it contributes to the synergy of factors projected for – and rapidly being fulfilled in – 2014–2017, when China’s long-term cycle of global ascension accelerates…

Gold remains in a 1–2 month trading range and has not (yet) signaled the onset of a new impulse wave. 

However, its short-term cycles did project a higher low on April 14th – fulfilling a 17-day high-low-(low) Cycle Progression – and the onset of a subsequent 1–2 week rally.

Based on the daily trend pattern, Gold should retest 1264.7/GCM in the coming days.  However, that (April 12th) high perpetuated a conflicting month-month (~30 degree) high-high Cycle Progression and Gold’s daily 21 High MARC is at1262.2/GCM – identifying a key level of resistance tomorrow.  Gold would need to exceed that to turn positive.

Since Gold’s weekly & intra-year trends remain up, and the daily trend remains up, they need to be given the benefit of the doubt.  However, Gold must quickly prove itself – with a new rally…

3–6 month & 6–12 month traders and investors should be holding partial (about 50%) long positions in Gold & Silver from mid-Dec. (~1046–1076/GC & 13.62–13.88/SIH) … Hold these until [reserved for subscribers only]…”  [FUTURES TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK!]

Gold & Silver at crossroads while fulfilling analysis for sharp advance surrounding April 19th – the Date of Aggression. Near-term cycles project a surge into late-April but Gold needs to exceed 1262.2/GCM to turn positive and confirm the 17-day Cycle Progression (next phase on April 29th/May 2nd).