Dollar/Gold Date with Destiny in 2011

May 20112011 is a Date with Destiny and would/will mark the culmination of a 12-Year period of commodity price inflation, most notably witnessed in the price of Gold & Silver, Energy Markets and the CRB Index…the focus of this Report is on Gold and what is expected to be the culmination of a 12-Year (and 40-Year) bull market…

For over a decade, I have emphasized the cycle significance of 2011 and projected bull markets – in Gold, Silver, Crude, Unleaded Gas, CRB Index, various Commodities & the Euro – to last into this decisive year.  Some of these bull markets date back to 1998/1999 with the rest beginning in 2001.  All, however, are expected to set multi-year peaks in 2011!

This should lead to a transitional time leading into 2013, when a major event in the US Dollar is expected.  Since the price of Gold is one of the best ways to price or value the US Dollar, a major Gold peak could help reveal what to expect in the coming years.  Gold & Silver have just come through an important cycle (May 2–6, 2011) but have not yet signaled a top.  The next – and most important – cycle comes into play in Sept. 2011

Outlook 2011… Date With Destiny V

            04-28-11 – What does ‘Date with Destiny’ really mean?  If you have only recently joined the ranks of INSIIDE Track readers, this might seem rather ambiguous… or too general in nature.  Taken out of its intended context, that could be true – and a valid critique.  However, anything robbed of its appropriate context would suffer from the same malady.

Many ‘truths’ taken out of context are no longer true (this is why a witness swears to tell ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’).  That is why it is so critical to factor previous analysis – much of what has been detailed for 10–15 years – into the current discussions and into future expectations…

And, when historians look back – even in only 7-10 years – I think they will see 2011 as the watershed time for a major restructuring of earth’s global, geopolitical structure (sometimes, a result of earth events & financial moves)…September 2011 is probably the most significant – from a cycle basis…

Europe, Gold & 2011

A related cycle corroborates this focus on European Unity and 2011.  Keep in mind that this does NOT project a finalunification in 2011.  On the contrary, there are often momentous events that come precariously close to derailing a process… that look like they are going to decimate Europe Unity… but that ultimately prompt the members to acquiesce on certain conditions or opposition and take the final plunge into full economic & political unification (sometime between 2011 & 2018).

This dovetails with analysis for Gold to set a major peak in 2011.

2011 also completes a brief, 9-year Cycle Progression that includes the 1993 Maastricht Treaty (replaced Treaty of Rome and set monetary criteria for EU) and the 2002 conversion to the Euro (currency).

In the three years leading up to Jan. 2002, European Central Banks were stockpiling Gold and driving up the price in the early stages of its 12-year bull market.

2011 – 9 years from 2002 that was 9 years from 1993 – Gold could be reaching a crescendo of buying… at least for the next couple years.

Dollar’s Three Periods of Testing

One of the reasons for my focus on 2011 is the culmination of a 40-year ‘period of testing’ since the Nixon Shock of August 15, 1971 (when the US terminated the convertibility of the Dollar to Gold, effectively trashing the Bretton Woods monetary system and removing any real backing from the US Dollar – a ‘dishonest scale’)…2011–2013 is also two, 40-year ‘periods of testing’ from 1931–1933 when first Britain and then the US abandoned the Gold Standard.

And, 2011–2013 is three, 40-year ‘periods of testing’ from 1891–1893 – when the lavish spending of the ‘Billion Dollar Congress’ (and a massive, government bailout… sound eerily familiar?) led to the Silver Crash of 1893.

While these sound like very distinct entities (European Unity, Gold, Dollar, Oil), they are all very closely related.  Some new deterioration in another (or more than one) of the notorious PIIGS could spur a rebound in the Dollar while pushing the EU to the brink of collapse… and into the camp of those favoring the demise of the Dollar.   IT   

[Please refer to May 2011 INSIIDE Track for analysis that explains why the Dollar is poised for a major bottom – and onset of a multi-year advance – while the Euro is set to peak at ~1.5000/EC and enter the next phase of its projected ‘demise’… and why Gold should also enter a multi-year decline after a MAJOR peak in 2011.  The 40-Year Cycle – from Nixon’s ‘gold shock’ of August 1971 – is projected to play a key role.]

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