Gold, Silver, XAU Peaking; Copper Cycle Low

Gold Fulfilling Upside Potential; Top Near. 
Peak Expected Near Jan. 21st!

01/17/15 Weekly Re-Lay: Gold & Silver are continuing to rally from intermediate cycles that bottomed on Nov. 3–7th – when Gold reached its 3–5 year downside target (1127.0–1132.0/GC) & projected a rebound into January 2015.  (At the same time, it created the first level of positive divergence – with Palladium.)

That low created a ~4-month high-high-(low) Cycle Progression and a 22-week low-low-(low) Cycle Progression that next comes into play in early-March 2015.

Silver confirmed that by reaching its 3–5 year downside target (14.540–14.650/SI) in early-Dec. – while Gold held above its Nov. 7th low.  That fulfilled another Major objective and corroborated the potential for a multi-month bottom.

With Gold & Silver having reached & held 3–5 year downside objectives – with their early-Nov. & early-Dec spike lows – the ensuing advance was expected to be the largest in over a year.  (That would also trigger a weekly/monthly 4-Shadowsignal – portending a final drop before a Major bottom takes hold… corroborating long-term cycles that project the same thing for mid-2015.)

And then, in late-Dec., Platinum created a third round of positive divergence – spiking to new lows even as Gold, Silver & Palladium held at much higher lows.  That reinforced analysis for another advance in January.

Gold & Silver both attacked (and held) their weekly LHRs during the past week.  That signals that an intermediate high could be on the horizon.  January 20/21st – 90 degrees from the Oct. 21st high and a .618 rebound of the July–Nov. 2014 decline – is the ideal time for that to take hold.

The XAU broke out of its 2-month trading range – corroborating the outlook for Gold & Silver.  It has now given the second neutral signal against its prevailing weekly downtrend – pinpointing the coming week as the potential for an intermediate peak…

Palladium turned its daily & intra-month trends down – after failing to turn its weekly trend up – giving the next sign that a multi-month top is forming.  It could ultimately lead the way to new lows in Precious Metals.

Copper remains in an all-out downtrend that could ultimately carry it lower into Feb. 2015 – the next phase of a 20-month low (Feb. 2010)–low (Oct. 2011)–low (June 2013)–low (Feb. 2015Cycle Progression.

In the near term, Copper would not signal a bottom until a daily close above 2.7350/HGH.

…Gold & Silver gave the next level of confirmation to expectations for a surge into or beyond mid-month.  They could set spike highs in the coming week – with Gold possessing intermediate resistance around 1298.4–1309.4/GCG.  [See Weekly Re-Lay for details, including updated trading/exit strategy on long positions.]