Intermediate Sell Signal in Stocks.

Stocks Fulfilling March 4th Sell Signal;
March 12th Cycle Low Could Spur Bounce…

03/11/15 Weekly Re-Lay Alert: “Stock Indices have given the first signals that validate expectations for a decisive decline between early-March & mid-April 2015.  This topic has been discussed since September 2014 – with Alerts titled things like ‘Significance Now; Significance Later’, describing expectations for a sharp drop then (‘now’; from early-September into cycle lows in mid-October 2014) to project a later drop – 180 degrees in the future… from early-March into mid-April 2015.

The first phase of that scenario – which should be fairly obvious – was for a high to be set in early-March 2015, 360 degrees from the early-March 2014 high, 180 degrees from the early-Sept. 2014 high, 90 degrees from the early-Dec. 2014 high & 45 degrees from the mid-Jan. 2015 low.  (Daily & weekly cycles showed how that high could take hold in some Indices as early as Feb. 25th and in some as late asMarch 6th.)

The Indices initially validated that – with highs on Feb. 25th–March 2nd.

The next phase would be for the daily trends to turn down, triggering initial sell signals.

The NYSE & S+P accomplished that on March 4th, while the others followed suit in the ensuing days.  Those sell signals were like the starting pistol being fired at the beginning of a race.

Subsequent (or simultaneous) validation would arrive with the intra-month trends turning down.  That took place on March 6th.

A final level of confirmation – on the daily charts – would come if/when the daily 21 MACs turned down.  And that is where the Indices currently find themselves.

The NYSE turned its daily 21 MAC down on Tuesday while the DJIA accomplished that today.  The S+P has flattened its daily 21 MAC – and could turn it down tomorrow – while the Nasdaq 100 has a bit more work to do.  And this comes right as the NQM has spiked down to its weekly HLS of 4309/NQM.

As a result, the Indices find themselves at a crucial juncture (reinforced by a daily Cycle Progression – on March 12th – that would next come into play on April 19th) and at precarious price levels… since it would not take much more downside to trigger acceleration lower.”

Indices nearing multiple support levels leading into March 12th cycle low.  Short-term rebound – into next daily cycle high (see publications for specifics) should set stage for sharper decline in late-March/early-April.