Nasdaq 100 Surge Unfolding

Stock Indices Confirm Reversal Higher;
Projected Surge into early-November Corroborated…

10/22/14 Weekly Re-Lay Alert:  “…that could create a subsequent rally into early-November…if the Nasdaq 100 is going to rally to new highs – as its weekly trend is portending – it would need to give a weekly close back above 4004.0/NQZ

That Index is intriguing since it entered this week having generated 7 of the latest 8 weekly LHRs in a range of extreme upside targets – at4xxx–4xxx/NQZ, with 6 of those 7 in a much tighter range at 4xxx–4xxx/NQZ.  And that is right in the midst of monthly resistance – at 4xxx–4xxx/NQZ.  [Specific targets reserved for current subscribers.]

On a related note…  As explained last month – while creating its early-September peak, the NYSE was perpetuating an 8–9 week cycle and would likely set its next high (expected to be a secondary or lower high) during the next phase of that cycle – on Oct. 27–Nov. 7th.  Most daily cycles point to Nov. 3rd or 4th as the most synergistic time for that next high.”

Stock Indices Setting Stage for MAJOR Peak in 4Q 2014!  Nasdaq 100 Upside Targets Could Pinpoint Top!!  Action of Oct. 24–31st must confirm.