Soybeans Cycle Low Approaching

Soybeans Cycle Low Approaching;
Corn & Wheat Nearing Bottom…

05/16/15 Weekly Re-Lay: “Soybeans, Corn & Wheat are fulfilling downside projections – with Wheat bottoming in precise alignment with intermediate & longer-term cycles that projected a bottom in early-May.

At the same time, Soybeans are fulfilling analysis for a continued decline into late-May/early-June 2015.  A low at that time would come 3 years from the May 21–25, 2012 low and at the completion of a ~360-degree high–high–(low) Cycle Progression.

It would also perpetuate a ~180-degree high (May 19–23, 2014)–high (Nov. 10–14, 2014)–low Cycle Progression & a 17–19 week high (May ‘14)–low (Sept/Oct. ‘14)–low (Jan. 26–30, ‘15)–low (late-May ‘15) Cycle Progression.”   MAJOR Cycle Low!  

2015/2016 Food Crisis

Mid-2015 = Inflationary Bottom