Stock Indices Reinforcing (17-Year Cycle) Crisis Period

Stock Indices Reinforcing (17-Year Cycle) Crisis Period; 
Sharp Drop (~20%) Expected in Middle of 2015…
China’s Shanghai Composite Plummeting! 

07/08/15 Weekly Re-Lay Alert:  The (Slow) Unraveling Continues : “Led by the DJ Transports, corroborated by the DAX & FTSE, and – most recently – exacerbated by the Shanghai Composite (which has now lost over 30% since June 12th), global Indices are declining in perfect synchronicity with the 17-Year Cycle, the 40-Year Cycle and the 70-Year Cycle… & others.

(In an ironic ‘coincidence’, China’s market was halted to try and stem the sell-off while the NYSE was halted due to another U.S. computer-related ‘glitch’.  Of course, all the corresponding – but DEFINITELY unrelated – computer glitches & shutdowns added to the anxiety in these markets… right on schedule!)

As has been emphasized since 2014, the ominous combination/synergy of 17-Year Cycles – in China, of global Financial Crises and of Stock Crashes &Corrections – pinpointed the ‘middle half’ (late-April–late-Sept.) of 2015 as the time when the markets would feel the wrath of this 17-Year CyclePerfect Storm.  (Russia has related 17-Year Cycles that could emerge at any time & exacerbate this situation.)

Judging by feedback we receive, very few traders & investors believed there was any such ‘animal’ as a 17-Year Cycle (and its 34-Year Cycle pairing) in late-1999/early-2000 when it forecast a multi-year stock market peak.

Similarly, very few believed it existed in 2007 – when INSIIDE Track spent over a year describing it and explaining why it would trigger a 1–3 year/35–50% drop in equity prices, beginning in late-2007… even as the corresponding ’17-year cicadas’ were emerging, surging & then plummeting back to Earth.

Even now, we hear from numerous skeptics & cynics who ridicule it.  However, they do so at their own risk of peril.  It is a VALID cycle.  It has made itself obvious for at least 15 years.  And, it is again pinpointing the exact time when Stock Indices were/are expected to drop… exactly as they have done repeatedly in the past.

With the bigger picture reiterated, it is important to hone the focus to the coming days & weeks…

Stock Indices – as just described – are powerfully confirming analysis for a substantial (20% or greater) decline between late-April–late-Sept. 2015 – while validating the mid-to-late-June sell signal (1–4 week) in the S+P 500.

…The final bearish confirmation would come if/ when the DJIA gives a weekly close below 17,714/ DJIA & turns its weekly trend down (a lagging & confirming indicator).”


China’s equity market is fulfilling expectations for 2015 but could still drop below 3100 this year.  Lower target expected for 2016, when longer-term cycles bottom.