Euro Crisis


European Dis-Unity – One 40-Year Cycle from 1976 – when Britain needed an IMF bailout of the Pound – a myriad of colliding cycles spells trouble for the UK & EU.  2016/2017 is projected for a new Euro crisis and was just corroborated by bad news for Spanish & Italian banks – in April & May – precursors to June’s vote on Brexit.  What’s next?

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Crash Cycles

40 Year Cycle of crashes

A 40-Year Cycle of Crashes recurs in the 2010’s – linked to panics & crashes in the 1770’s, 1810’s, 1850’s, 1890’s, 1930’s & 1970’s – and projects troubling times in 2016–2021.  Related cycles (17-Year Cycle) project an initial ‘crash’ for late-Apr.–late-Sept. ’15 – a precursor to what the 40-Year Cycle portends for 2016–2017.

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Stock-Flation Culmination

Late-2014 Cycle Peak…           October Blues The month of October has been a pivotal month in Stock Indices for many decades.  That includes Black Friday in October 1929, Black Monday in October 1987, the mini-crash that followed in October 1989, the post-Kuwaiti invasion low of October 1990 (that ushered in the 1990’s bull market and the notorious Tech Bubble), the […]

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Cattle: Bull-ish Bubble – 2009 Analysis

Cattle & Hogs Confirming Cycle Crescendos (Excerpt from 2009 analysis projecting overall advance into 2014/2015)              03-31-09:  “Live Cattle did decline into a consistent 8-9-week cycle and bottomed on March 11th….the intra-year trends are projecting more downside into mid-year.  This – if it transpires – would dovetail with another very consistent cycle in Cattle… Live Cattle has maintained a very consistent 3-year and 6-yearcycle for several decades.               Going back to […]

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Gold Rush

40 Year Cycle Gold Peak

In 2011, Gold topped exactly 40 years from the Nixon Gold Shock (1971)… 40 years after the West began to abandon Gold (1931)… that was 40 years after a run on Gold (1891).  That 40-Year Cycle flows back to other (failed) hard-money rejections in the 1770’s & 1690’s.  2016 should begin the next Gold Rush – tied to a key event in 1976!

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Stock Indices are in the waning months of a 40-Year inflationary advance, dating back to Dec. 1974 & nearly matching the duration of the preceding generational advance (40.5 years, from July 1932–Jan. 1973).  Dec. ’14–Jun. ’15completes that cycle and should be followed by an abrupt sell-off.  If so, watch 2016–2017 closely!

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Cattle: Bull-ish Bubble

Food Crises II Cattle (CR)

A unique, 40-Year Cycle links steaks & stocksfilets & financials… timing inflationary advances in historic representations of wealth.  Cattle & Hogs entered parabolic advances (bubbles) in mid-2013 & are projected to set Major, multi-year peaks in 3Q ‘141Q ‘15…before a crash ensues.  Equities could then follow.

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