Gold Rush II

40 Year Cycle Gold Peak

(Dec. 19, 2015) Gold Projects 2–3 Month Surge; Buy Signals in Force.  2nd Surge Likely in 2Q 2016.  Recent buy signals (3–6 month AND 6–12 month) project an initial advance in 1Q 2016, in both Gold & Silver.  And then

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Crash Cycles

40 Year Cycle of crashes

A 40-Year Cycle of Crashes recurs in the 2010’s – linked to panics & crashes in the 1770’s, 1810’s, 1850’s, 1890’s, 1930’s & 1970’s – and projects troubling times in 2016–2021.  Related cycles (17-Year Cycle) project an initial ‘crash’ for late-Apr.–late-Sept. ’15 – a precursor to what the 40-Year Cycle portends for 2016–2017.

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Stock-Flation Culmination

Late-2014 Cycle Peak…           October Blues The month of October has been a pivotal month in Stock Indices for many decades.  That includes Black Friday in October 1929, Black Monday in October 1987, the mini-crash that followed in October 1989, the post-Kuwaiti invasion low of October 1990 (that ushered in the 1990’s bull market and the notorious Tech Bubble), the […]

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